Most would agree that window tint in Arizona is mandatory. The extreme heat can turn the inside of your car into an oven. Window tint blocks 99% of all harmful UV rays and can block up to 70% of the suns heat.

We offer several different shades and two different types of window film to fit your needs. Window tint is stocked at different VLTs(Variable Light Transmission). 0% would be opaque and no light would show through it and 100% would be visibly clear and show no shade of tint. With that being said, we carry 5%( Limo), , 5, E, p, ˆ.

tint options

We do Auto, Residential & Commercial Window Tint!

Using only the best automotive films! Carbon Nano-Ceramic
At Clean Concepts we stand behind every product we offer! We believe in doing the job right the first time, so it doesn't cost you more in the long run. We only offer 3 lines of Ceramic automotive film to ensure only the best quality, performance and longevity backed with a lifetime warranty covered nationwide.
Ceramic tint(nano-particle) is a newer method of creating window tint that creates a higher heat rejection than a standard dyed film. In essence, a p ceramic film can block as much solar energy as most %5 dyed films. This film is highly recommended for more heat rejection and better visibility with lighter shades.

All tint offered by Clean Concepts comes with a lifetime warranty against everything against customer damage. This means that that you never have to worry about the tint fading or turning purple of the years of the sun beating down on it. We feel that it is better to pay a reasonable amount once, as opposed to paying a smaller amount several times and losing the valuable time that is required to have your window redone time and time again.