before color change wrap


after color change wrap

We do VEHICLE WRAPS: Choosing the right vehicle wrap can be a very hard thing to do. Let me help break down the options for you a bit.

There are a few questions you have to ask yourself to help come to the conclusion that you need. Is it for commercial use? If so, 99% of these wraps will be printed. Would you like a unique printed wrap or a one-off color? This is something we cannot help you answer, but we can help apply the proper vinyl after the decision is made. The last question is what type of vinyl would you like to use if it is a color change vinyl? The best answer to this is to go with whatever brand has the color that best fits your needs. I will express my opinions on the brands themselves in just a second.

In the vinyl wrap industry we have a few major players in the United States for manufacturing and several overseas companies that have unknown names and a few that have starting building names and have yet to take off due to product quality or advertising issues.

The top names in America are 3M, Avery, Arlon, and Hexis. All of these names have their pros and cons. Most consumers believe that 3M is the best, but this could be do to branding. Most installers and company owners believe that Avery is the best, but this could be because of the ease of install. All 4 companies have different colors and products to offer and they must be weighed when deciding what may be best for you. They all have the same ratings in terms of life expectancy.(7-10 years outdoor)

3M is very well branded and has the consumer advantage of being the best. As of recently 3M has had some large issues with the adhesive and the air release channels underneath collapsing or failing. This would cause the issue of having raised or fallen lines running across the vinyl making it look as though the install was poorly executed. 3M has offered a solution and started a new adhesive system that should be taking place in their rolls currently and into the future.

Avery, in my opinion, is the best on the market for longest lasting, ease of install, and best finished quality. They also make the only chrome on the market that we offer to our clients here in Arizona. In my mind their wrap products have replaced the quality that everyone expected from 3M over the years.

Arlon is new in comparison to 3M and Avery, but has become a force to be reckoned with. Their colors like highlighter yellow, true blood(candy red), and electric lime(candy yellow) have put them on the market. The install tactics are different and the finish is great, but this line of vinyl runs a higher risk of de-lamination in comparison to the others in the top 4.

Hexis is a great manufacturer and we use their products for many different applications. The installation is much different than the other 3 brands due to the production in Europe. Hexis earned itself a bad name when first releasing into the states because installers out here did not know how to work with standard European vinyl. With a proper install, Hexis will have the same finish as any of the top products and withhold as well as its competitors.